Sea Plants &Land Plants A Winning Combination!

Dried seaweed is ground to a consistent size to allow for even spreading over lawns, gardens, crop land, and around the base of trees and shrubs.

Sea Meal is best utilized by soil bacteria when applied as a top dressing and not raked deeply into the soil.

Sea Meal is broken down by soil bacteria over a few weeks or months, depending upon bacterial action. It therefore provides a slow release of vital nutrients throughout the growing season.

An ideal fertilizer, it will not " burn " plants, ( regardless of the amount used ) and helps to enhance the soil structure for the following reasons:

  1. Unlike land plants, whose structure is cellulose, seaweeds are alginates and alginic acid is a known soil conditioner.
  2. By their nature, seaweeds have an affinity for water, and they tend to hold moisture, which is beneficial in sandy soils, and when composted by soil bacteria, they open up heavy soils.

Applied once a year in either late fall or early spring, over a few years, soils eventually attain that "crumb" structure so sought after by both the home gardener and commercial farmer.

So if you haven't the time to nurture your plantings 2-3 times a week, then using Sea Meal is the best choice for you, while you're on vacation, or just too busy with other activities.

SeaMeal Application Rates

Order SeaMeal

SeaMeal 5Kg (11 lbs) - $25.00
SeaMeal 22.7Kg (50 lbs) - $99.90