SeaBlend for Dogs and Cats
Testimonials from some of our Satisfied Customers:

"A Chow had lost all of its hair coat along its back. It looked like a pig. I was considering putting her down, since nothing I used from the vet had done any good. I tried SeaBlend and after 3 weeks, the haircoat had come back one inch. There were a lot of health problems and now they're all gone. I use SeaBlend to treat hotspots, it's easier than pills"

Wendy Bourque
Breeder and Groomer
Charlottetown, PEI

"Our old dog had lost so much of its pep when it became arthritic and we thought it best to put him down to ease his suffering. We were surprised to see so much improvement after adding SeaBlend to his ration. He could run and jump as before."

Elaine Black
Dartmouth, NS

"This SeaBlend is phenomenal! My Jack Russell terrier had lost some hair and its belly was covered in sores and were itchy. In 30 days, the difference was phenomenal. Her pelt is shiny and clean looking and her skin condition is healthier. Before and after was like night and day."

Ann Dempsey
Louisdale, NS