Irish MossIrish Moss

Chondrus Crispus

Irish Moss (Chondrus crispus), also known as Carrageen and Pearl Moss, is a seaweed that grows among submerged rocks off the coast of France and, naturally, Ireland. The plant consists of a greenish frond that turns purple when dried. Irish Moss was consumed by the Irish during the famine of the 19th century.  It was once used as a mattress stuffing, as cattle feed, and as a thickener for colored inks used in printing.

The primary properties of this herb are alterative, anti-inflammatory, demulcent, emollient, expectorant, immune stimulant, laxative, nutritive, and yin tonic. Irish moss is available in tea and capsule forms. The known active constituents include protein, polysaccharides, iodine, bromine, mucilage, carrageenans, beta carotene, and Vitamin B-1.

Irish moss is used as a stabilizer in such dairy products as ice creams, sherbets, chocolate milk, yogurt and whipped cream. In its raw form, Irish Moss has been used as a bulk laxative, which also coats and soothes the entire gastrointestinal tract.  In various forms, it helps alleviates peptic and duodenal ulcers in humans while having no adverse effects on the colon.

Past topical applications of Irish moss include its use in lotions to soften the skin & prevent premature wrinkling, and as a compress or poultice for inflamed tissues.  It has also been used to thicken cosmetics, in addition to being used as a binding agent, like in toothpaste.

Irish moss has been used effectively as a demulcent and mucilaginous. Among the people who live where it grows, Irish moss is considered an excellent remedy for tuberculosis, coughs, bronchitis, and intestinal problems. It also makes a nourishing food for those recovering from tuberculosis and other illnesses. Medicinally it is generally used in the form of a decoction.

Because Irish Moss has some blood thinning properties, people taking anti-coagulating medications should avoid using it.


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