crassifolia (CRS), fitulosa (FIT), marginata (MAR), esculenta (ESC)

Common names: Ainu-wakame, Bladderlochs, Chigaiso, Chishima-wakame,  Dabberlocks, Edible Kelp, Enaga-wakame, Ezo-wakame, Fruill, Henware, Honeyware, Horsetail kelp, Karafuto-wakame, Kauan, Kausam, Kelp meal, Kunashiri-wakame, Kutare, Láir, Láracha, Marinkjarni, Murlins, Oarweed, Oni-wakame,  

Kelp-like plant with distinct midrib & with sporangia borne at the base of the frond in special leaflets ("wings" called sporophylls) in two rows on the stipe. Olive or yellow-brown fronds to 4 m long and 25 cm wide. Narrow flexible stipe forms a distinct midrib through the frond.


Alaria Analysis





Fat 3.6 g/100g
Carbohydrate 39.8 g/100g
Calories 262 100g
Calcium 1100 mg/100g
Potassium 7460 mg/100g
Magnesium 918 mg/100g
Phosphorus 503 mg/100g
Iron 18.1 mg/100g
Sodium 4240 mg/100g
Iodine 16.6 mg/100g
Manganese  1.02 mg/100g
Copper .172 mg/100g
Chromium  .21 mg/100g
Fluoride 4.3 mg/100g
Zinc 3.44 mg/100g
Vitamin A 8487 I.U.
Vitamin B1 .558 mg/100g
Vitamin B2 2.73 mg/100g
Vitamin B3 10.5 mg/100g
Vitamin B6 6.23 mg/100g
Vitamin B12 5.03 mg/100g
Vitamin C 5.9 mg/100g
Vitamin E 4.92 I.U.

100 grams = 3.5 ounces

Alaria Flakes 135 grams - $13.00