Dark Harbour DulseDark Harbour Dulse

Palmaria Palmata
"Sol" (Iceland & Norway) "Dillisk" (Ireland) "Darusu" (Japan)

Contains as much as 20-25% protein on a dry weight basis, and thus compares favorably with many other high protein foods such as beef ( 25%), canned salmon ( 20%) and soybean (30%).

Always considered as a nutritious source of vitamins and minerals by coastal dwellers in Europe and in North America throughout the centuries.

Dulse contains high concentrations of most minerals & lower concentrations of the other minerals known to man. The high iodine content means less than 1 g of Dulse is sufficient to supply an adults daily requirement for this element. In this context, Dulse contains all trace elements recognized in human physiological processes.

Dark Harbour Dulse FlakesAs these minerals are in a chelated. form within the plant, they are completely taken up into the bloodstream. Therefore very little of the plant is required to meet daily trace mineral needs.

Dulse contains 17 common amino acids and Dulse proteins are rich in glutamic & aspartic acids. Marine plants afford a greater variety of fatty acids than do land plants, thereby enhancing the body's cell structure.

Dulse fronds are eaten as a taste treat or shredded with scissors or knife and added into salads. Dulse flakes are used as a garnish in soups, salads, potatoes, etc. and to add color to a food dish. Dulse flour is added to health drinks & other prepared foods such as cookies, bread, cake.

Its medicinal benefit as a gentle laxative is widely recognized.


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