SeaBlend for Horses
Testimonials from some of our Satisfied Customers:

"Besides building a great looking show coat and changing brittle hooves into more elastic ones, I found that it really increases their appetite, and this helps them stay on their feed."

Bryce Milne
Grand Meadows Stable
Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

"I believe that health comes from the inside out and since I started feeding SeaBlend to our 24 horses, we have seen much better hooves, and their coats are shiny and good looking."

Paula Flood
Horse Holidays Newfoundland
Operators of Flood Stables
Grand Falls, Newfoundland

"I feel that commercial feeds do not provide enough trace elements and since my farrier advised me to feed SeaBlend, my horses feet are stronger and cracked hooves are not a problem anymore. The hair coats are always shiny, even in mid winter when they are dirty and not groomed. The shine shows through so you know the hair is healthy."

Mary Corbett
Waterville, Nova Scotia

"My horse has a low metabolism. When I feed SeaBlend before the dressage and jumping exercises, I find her energy level is increased and she performs much better. Although myself and others use kelp meal to build better feet, for me its the energy. I love this kelp meal."

Elaine Patton
Fredericton, New Brunswick

" It's good stuff ! He looks good. It's doing something for his feet. He's quieted down. SeaBlend keeps his hair shiny, and his skin is good. It's not dry and flaky anymore."

Amy Thorndike
Bar Mills, Maine

"As horse wranglers we were concerned about the nervous condition our 10 year old mare had, which Vitamin B supplements did not cure. After one week we noticed an improvement in her nervous habits as she had calmed down. We now have two colts to be calmed down with SeaBlend."

B & S Murphy
Spring Valley, PEI

"Our Shetland pony foundered, and suffered with that painful condition. We began to feed her a tablespoon of SeaBlend in the morning and a second tablespoon in the evening. When our farrier made his regular call, he asked what we were feeding the pony, since her feet were so much better, and her leg joints seemed to have improved. You wouldn’t believe the difference. It’s made a world of difference."

C. Francis
Ripples, NB

I would like to thank you for your excellent product. Since using it for my aged thoroughbred sport horse, gelding, who has always been a "hard keeper". He looks better than he has in years, and he had always the best of hay, grain, and supplements. It has done a great job. On behalf of myself and "Just Elmarie" we thank you.

Barb Plank
Iona Station, ON.

Since feeding SeaBlend, I noticed the scurf on my horse’s mane has disappeared. His mane is black so the dander really showed. At one point I stopped feeding the SeaBlend and the dander returned. That problem is now solved. I’ve got an old Donkey, and his coat is really soft and silky since feeding SeaBlend. He’s the envy of all the Donkeys in the area.

Ottawa, ON.

"Since using SeaBlend my thorough gelding looks better than he has in years, even though he always had the best of hay, grain and supplements".

Barb Plank

"My mare lost part of her hoof completely from the cornet band down. You could see the inner workings of the hoof. Within a month of feeding SeaBlend her hoof grew back to the point we could turn her out to pasture with the herd."

Juanita Prosser

I founded a horse protection operation in 1992, whose purpose is to take over the care of unwanted horses. Although the horses are placed with foster owners, they are always under the ownership of horse protection. The 2 older horses had thyroid problems and were in poor health. I began to feed SeaBlend at the rate of 2 tbsp a day and to my pleasant surprise, after 10 days, I noticed the their thyroid glands shrinking in size. I then reduced their daily rate to 1 tbsp each, and now both horses look very good. Nice looking coats and good feet. Just an overall general health improvement. Feeding SeaBlend has been a tremendous help and feeding only one tbsp a day, is very economical. I recommend SeaBlend to all horse owners.

Dorothy Evans
c/o Maritime Branch
Horse Protection
Bridgewater, NS