Diatomaceous Earth for Animal Wellness

Diatomaceous Earth

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
(Silicon Dioxide 86%)

Diatoms are single cell marine plants found in fresh and salt waters of the earth.  Living diatoms weave microscopic shells. from the silica they extract from water. Fossilized remains of diatoms are mined as diatomaceous earth from "now" dry lake and ocean beds.  The mined material is ground to various grades for many uses, from toothpaste, to filter media for beer and swimming pools, and as a natural parasite control in pets and livestock.

When DE is added to animal feed on a regular basis, DE helps control internal parasites, thus improving animal health.

Agriculture Canada regulations allow no more than 2% of DE be added to the dry food ration.


Horses 2% total feed ration
Hogs 2% total feed ration
Sheep 1% in ground grains
Chickens 2% in feed
Beef Cattle 1% of dried ration
Dairy Cattle 1% of dried ration
Calves 4 grams (½tablespoon) in morning milk or free choice
Goats 1% in grain
Dogs 1 tablespoon per day over 25 kg.
  1 tsp. per day up to 25 kg.
Cats 1 tsp. per day

As with any dust protecting eyes and lungs are mandatory. Wear proper attire when handling

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